Magnetic pots

Magnetic pots

Magnetic pots represent not only an element that seduces but a novelty, it is a different way of worshiping the beauty of plants, because, just as with fashion, flower pot designs adapt to interior design trends.

When you enter the beautiful botanical world seduced by the natural magic of plants, you understand that it is not only about storing plants because everything has an order and a distribution, not only for practical reasons but also for aesthetic parameters, the pots help us to develop a taste and a sensitivity that feeds on your own, your way of seeing the world, your feelings, your mood and your desires.

Currently modern spaces do not allow us to have those gardens that our parents and grandparents enjoyed, they had the privilege of having large spaces to unleash their love for plants and flowers, front gardens and patios were very common back then (and they still are in suburbs and rural areas); houses did not have that enormous economic value that they have now and cities had not experienced that unprecedented population increase.

We know very well that the current architectural trend is focusing mostly on horizontal property constructions, that is, apartments that in many cases offer us a small space that cannot be compared with the residential elements of previous decades that demanded greater space because most couples had more than two or three children.

Currently, housing complexes are smaller because in the modern world most families have fewer children, in fact, a lot of people don’t even want to get married or have children, many just want to live with their partner or by themselves. That’s why it is essential to save as much space as possible and our magnetic planters can help you with that.

The magnetic pots were conceived to be exposed on walls, this leaves some room for furniture or any other kind of decor that you want to add to your living rooms.

The natural vocation for plants does not always come as a beautiful ancestral heritage that is transmitted from generation to generation, it is a taste that arises simply because it is natural and spontaneous.

Buildings, brick walls, concrete,and streets make the world appear boring and a little depressing, that’s why a lot of people feel the need to reconnect with nature, this need arises from the depths of our spirit, and plants are a great way to fulfill that need, because nothing brings more joy and emotion than colorful flowers with vibrant colors and unique shapes.

Plants and flowers brighten your life, they add color to your home and heart, they improve the quality of your life and renew you with an energy that has no comparison, they are that impulse that does not allow you to go backwards, you look at life with more optimism and allow you to balance your thoughts and emotions.

Magnetic flower pots are a beautiful and practical creation that was conceived thinking not only of your well-being but also of your own home, they are a great solution for the lack of space.

Though they are not exclusively designed for small spaces, they can be showcased in all kinds of places that want to spread the environmental spirit so needed and requested in current times.

Magnetic pots are a representation of aesthetics and beauty because they perfectly mix the beauty of plants with a very beautiful creation of man, and although they are highly admired, they enhance the beauty of plants and flowers and turn environments into colorful and comfortable places.

Magnetic flower pots are a customizable decoration option because their shapes are practical and aesthetic and leave free space for mobility and furniture, but they also allow large or small areas to be converted into friendly, familiar and lovely places; they turn living rooms into inspirational spaces that everyone will want to inhabit.

At we are always ready to offer the best of the natural spirit of our planters, that is why within our attractive product portfolio we cannot leave behind the magnetic flower pots, beautiful expressions of a modern style that always respond to the needs and expectations of plant fanatics.

Our magnetic pots generate an immediate attraction on the mind and spirit, they are objects that immediately motivate even those who do not have an affinity with plants and flowers, they have a magnificent sensory effect that generates a desire to get closer to the botanical world.

We are generators of environmental awareness, we want you to discover how important plants are to our lives, we want you to see how your life can change if you allow plants and flowers to decorate your home, because when that happens, surely you will never want to move away.

Our magnetic pots require very little maintenance and make your life easier, they make you happy and free from complications because you do not need tons of nails or any complex artifacts to hang your planters on the walls.

Nobody can resist the attraction that our pots generate, there is no better magnet than the natural world, because it is time to return to the elemental, to what produces the best sensations and emotions and to what offers the best benefits for our lives in a beautiful and aesthetic way.