Self-watering pots

Self-watering pots

Facilitating natural taste

One of our most innovative and sought-after products are self-watering pots, also known as hydro-planters, elements that allow plants and flowers to remain in adequate hydration conditions, making constant maintenance not necessary.

Our self-watering pots are ideal for those who do not have time to water their plants as often as they require, they also represent a magnificent help for those who may have to leave their home for a few days or even weeks.

Our beautiful self-watering pots have a water tank that has contact with roots of the plant, hydrating them permanently and making it easier for the plant to stay in perfect condition because they absorb the necessary amount of water they need. You will never have to deal with flooded plants or with watery floors because the water in our pots is managed efficiently and with precise measure.

The devices of our self-watering pots or hydro-planters are practical and simple to set up and maintain, they manage water intelligently, they are instruments that allow you to pour only the necessary amount of water for a certain period of time, the planter can supply a plant with water for days and even weeks, for that reason these pots are perfect for those who must be absent, either because of vacation or business travels.

Forget about having to worry about watering your plants with hoses, cups or watering cans once you get a self-watering planter, now you will have more time for yourself, free time that you can use in whatever you want while your plants continue to retain their beauty and health, you are going to become the center of attention because everyone will say that you are a gardener very devoted to your passion.

The self-watering mechanisms are found inside the pot or flowerpot, they contain absorbent wicks, which when in contact with water become damp and the plant itself is responsible for “sucking” the water it requires, the wicks remain wet and you only have to deposit more water after a certain period of time.

The water can last in the tank for about a month, this depends on the temperature of the environment because in warmer climates water is consumed in a greater proportion, while in colder climates water can be conserved a little longer.

These systems efficiently manage the water in the pot, they were designed in order to avoid any kind of flood, because this could cause rotting of the roots which would cause the plant to suffer from fungi or any other disease, it could even cause the plant’s death. Not knowing how much water a plant needs is one of the most common mistakes that beginners make, but with these planters, you will no longer have to worry about your plants getting too much water.

The self-watering models of our pots and planters come in a different variety, we have planters with vivid and dynamic colors that express vigor and energy, but we also have modern designs that adapt to any living room.

We have them in all sizes and you will surely find the ones that best suit your needs and tastes, our self-watering pots are so beautiful that they will steal the spotlight from your plants, therefore, a beautiful natural specimen combines very well with our pots and this results in a sight to behold.

Self-watering pots adapt very well to all decoration and interior design concepts, their colors and shapes combine to all sorts of spaces, they can match many different types of curtains, floors and furniture.

The geometric shapes of our flower pots are perfect for the most innovative, contemporary and also classic styles. We also have them very simple and minimalistic, for those souls who enjoy the elemental beauty of nature.

Our self-watering pots and planters are a source of inspiration, if you want to become someone that has a balanced, calm and controlled environment that allows you to face the difficulties of life with a smile and always generate positive emotions, encourage yourself to be passionate about plants and gardening.

Turn your house into a magnificent garden and you will notice that your life will be filled with a different atmosphere, you will breathe life and renew yourself internally and externally, you will be the source of inspiration for your friends and family, who will also want to acquire plants and flowers, but especially they will want to have our self-watering pots and planters, that are easy to clean and are perfect for newbies that are getting into the world of plants.

Put your mind and imagination to play with the wide spectrum of possibilities in sizes, colors and shapes that we offer, choose the plants carefully for your spaces, remember that there are natural specimens that are outdoors and others are indoors; allow them to enjoy good ventilation and also light, make sure you know their water consumption to manage it properly with our self-watering systems.

We love nature and we know that water for your plants means their health, beauty and durability and also tranquility for you, it provides your plants with self-watering pots that will allow them to radiate beauty and life for a long time. Our self-watering systems are simple to maintain and use, they do not require any extra effort or time.

Become an expert gardener, with our self-watering pots and planters, plants will be your specialty and your charisma will blossom every day.